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Men's Hair Replacement Course

Our men's hair replacement course is accredited and suitable for all experience levels, spanning two days, with one day for home study.


- Proficiently conducting consultations to optimise results,
- Crafting bespoke templates for your clients' hairpieces,
- Tailoring hair replacement systems to perfectly suit your clients,
- Achieving seamless colour matching between clients' hair and hairpieces,
- Properly applying, fitting, and removing hair replacement systems,
- Mastering hairpiece blending techniques to seamlessly integrate with clients' natural hair.
- Delivering exceptional aftercare advice to clients,
- Designing an effective consultation form.


Course Description

Our men's hair replacement course empowers you with the knowledge to expertly perform the entire service, from the initial consultation to precise cutting and personalised customisation of hairpieces, all while providing precise aftercare guidance.

After successfully completing our course, you will be well-prepared to begin your professional journey, equipped with comprehensive expertise to establish and expand your client base.

We provide students with a recommended sample consultation form, enabling you to conduct thorough and effective consultations from your very first client.

Our courses cover crucial aspects, including health and safety procedures, contra-indications, and pricing strategies for the service.

Additionally, every course includes a basic training kit, ensuring you have the essential tools for your practical session.

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